Pupeederm Bubble 2in1 Shampoo Spa - Yellow Grain

Brand: Pupeedermcare Korea

SGD 5.50 

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Brand: Pupeedermcare from Korea. 
100% Authentic Guarantee.

Main function - with bubble mild shampoo:

  • Moisturizing for dry skin and furs.
  • Itch Reliefs and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.  
  • Good for Flaky Skin
  • Good Odor control.

    How to use:BUBBLE – 2in1 Mild SHAMPOO + SPA SERIES 
    Content – 20gram / sachet
    Content - 300gram / bottle


1. Pour powder in empty clean dry tub / pale. 
2. Use strong shower water to melt the powder with 10L water to create bubbles. 
3. Soak pet for spa - no pre-shampoo needed. 
4. Massage for 10-15 mins, rinse and dry completely.