Pupeederm Whale - Marjoram

Brand: Pupeedermcare Korea

SGD 4.50 

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Brand: Pupeedermcare from Korea. 
100% Authentic Guarantee.

Main function:

  • Anti bacteria
  • Relaxing and calming from marjoram herbs  
  • Soothen skin redness
  • Herbal Candy fragrance. 

    How to use:
    - Shampoo pet first & rinse before soaking
    - Prepare 15L water in pale for 30gram whale powder and pour completely to create frizziness.
    - Soak pet for 10-15mins. Pour over the water into their top part body and massage, clean face area.
    - No further rinse required and dry completely. 

Sachet Content : 30gram
Bottle Content : 450gram.